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At Heinz Insurance Agency we offer insurance solutions to cover every aspect of your life… from a new car to a new home to a new baby, we’ve got you covered. As your local hometown insurance agency in Owatonna, Minnesota we take a personable yet expert approach to insurance, providing you with the best insurance solutions possible paired with courteous customer service.


We have the industry skills and real-world experience required to get you the best policy for any of the insurance types we offer.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Your car or truck is your ticket to freedom, is a source of independence, and often your only transportation option. At Heinz Insurance Agency we provide comprehensive auto insurance plans to help you protect your vehicle and retain your independence. Our affordable, yet all-inclusive automobile coverage can protect you from costly out-of-pocket auto repair and medical expenses. Whether you're a new driver seeking first time coverage or a family adding a new vehicle to your policy, our friendly independent agents can quickly draw-up an auto insurance policy to meet your needs and budgetary situation.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

A Harley Davidson, a fully dressed Honda Gold Wing, to a crotch rocket! Heinz Insurance has your motorcycle covered with one of our many Motorcycle Insurance carriers. Covering the liability, physical damage, add-on accessories (saddle bags, custom chrome, fairings, handle bars, windshields, custom seats, etc.) Ask Heinz Insurance about your next new bike or your current motorcycle coverage.

Single Family Home | Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Your home… chances are it's the biggest investment of your life, make sure you protect it as best you can. In today's environment a thorough homeowner's insurance policy is a must – not just to get the home loan itself, but also to financially protect you and your family from life's unforeseen events.


Our insurance agents at Heinz Insurance Agency use great care to ensure that you have adequate homeowners insurance so you will be fully protected against the many possible losses that may occur. Meeting with you one-on-one we can assist in reviewing the valuation of your property and properly recommend appropriate amounts and types of insurance. Contact us today to discuss your existing policy or to begin the process of establishing a new homeowner's insurance policy.

Home with a For Rent sign | Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Whether you're a college student living with roommates or a family of five renting a town home, a comprehensive renter's policy should be a top priority. Robbery, fire, hail, or water… what would you do if your possessions were all of a sudden gone or damaged?


While your landlord has insurance, it probably only covers the building itself – leaving your belongings unprotected when the unthinkable happens. Only a well-drafted renter's policy will allow you to recover the value of your possessions if they are stolen or damaged by fire, severe weather, or a burst water pipe. Renters insurance also has you covered if someone is injured during an accident at your residence, by having a policy in place you help protect yourself in case of a liability lawsuit. Contact Heinz Insurance Agency today to establish a renter's insurance policy or to review your existing policy… 507-451-9252.

Boat floating in water | Boat & Recreational Vechile Insurance

Boats & Recreational Vehicles

Everyone has toys and adult toys can be expensive to repair and replace after a covered claim. Heinz Insurance can find the appropriate coverage for your boat, ATV, snowmobile, camper, travel trailer, etc. Whether a high powered bass boat, side by side ATV, mountain sled, pop-up camper, to a travel trailer with four slide-outs we got you covered with the most comprehensive coverage in the industry with a choice of multiple companies and coverage's.

Combine harvesting corn | Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

From small hobby farms to several 1000 acre farms Heinz Insurance and their line-up of Farm Insurance Carriers can handle any need. Coverage for combine rock ingestion, suffocation coverage for livestock, milk contamination, to $1million+ in farm equipment we have you covered. Please let us give you a no obligation Farm quote and coverage review.

Retail STore | Business Insurance

Business / Commercial / Workers Compensation

Heinz Insurance prides themselves on their knowledge of the commercial insurance industry. From small one person entrepreneurs to major multi-state operations we have the knowhow to find the best available coverage at the most affordable price. We will listen to your business description and tailor a policy to fit those needs with one of our many "A" rated commercial insurance carriers. Whether it is a large building complex, business income, general liability increased limits, professional liability, a large auto fleet, $1million+ in contractors equipment, to workers compensation with debit mod's we can help with free safety consultation meetings. Find out why so many business owners in Steele County and Southern Minnesota have put their trust in Heinz Insurance.

Filing Cabinet | Bonding


License and Permit Bonds, Contract Bonds, including payment and performance bonds. Heinz Insurance can handle all your bonding needs. We can issue several bonds from our office with our "Power of Attorney" and official company seal of authority given to Heinz Insurance from our Bonding Carriers.

Little girl and doctor | Health Insurance

Health Insurance Coverage

Individual and Group Plans for business owners just think about this… an accident takes place nearly every second in the United States. That being the case, there is a heightened chance that you or a member of your immediate family is at risk for being involved in an accident or becoming ill. Fortunately there are steps you can take to prepare for the unknown.


A comprehensive health insurance policy through Heinz Insurance Agency can provide you with financial protection and medical treatment options in the event of an accident or illness. Don't put-off acquiring health insurance simply because you're a generally healthy person or because you think you can't afford it. Even a high deductible major medical health plan can go a long way in helping you. Contact one of our insurance agents or stop in and talk to us today, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to health insurance and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Man in leg cast | Disablity Insurance

Disability Insurance Coverage

Disability Insurance provides coverage for lost wages when a person is injured and can no longer work for a short-term or long period of time. Most employees are covered on the job for lost wages by their employer's Workers Compensation Insurance.  But what if you are self-employed or the owner of the business and not covered by Workers Compensation Insurance? Then there is a need for a disability policy to provide lost wages if or when you become injured and cannot go to work. A disability policy will provide coverage 24/7 on the job or off the job. Please let us know at Heinz Insurance if you are self-employed or own a business and think you are a candidate for Disability Insurance.

Smiling Family  | Life Insurance

Life Insurance Coverage

Life Insurance is not a coverage that most feel is neither a necessity nor a topic that most want to discuss. But, Life Insurance is probably one of the most important coverage's one can provide for his or her family. If the unforeseen happens a life insurance benefit is there to make sure those in your family are financially cared for and dreams still come true. Whether that is paying off the debt of car loans, home mortgage, or sending your children to college. Please stop into Heinz Insurance to discuss your life insurance needs and see how affordable it really is, as low as $100 annually for a $100,000 policy.

Doctor holding Prescripition Bottle | Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements can be very confusing and difficult to understand. Seniors are over whelmed with mailings from every Insurance Carrier in the book trying to sell them a Medicare supplement. Many seniors in Owatonna and the surrounding area have put their trust in Heinz Insurance to explain the details of Medicare and how a Medicare supplement, advantage plan, cost plan, or Coverage D (Prescription Drug Coverage) will benefit them accordingly. Come down to Heinz Insurance and we will put your mind at ease.