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Why Work With an Independent Insurance Agency…

There are many advantages to obtaining insurance through an independent agency. For starters it truly is one-stop-shopping; most insurance agencies, including ours here in Owatonna, are able to sell a full range of insurance products, allowing you to get your home, auto, boat, life, and health insurance all under one roof.

The one-stop-shopping doesn’t end there, independent agencies typically represent multiple insurance companies so there’s no need for you to fill-out multiple quote forms. At Heinz Insurance Agency we represent over a dozen insurance providers, allowing us to pull separate quotes from each company while you just wait to hear from us about the best available options. And since we’re not obligated to sell coverage from any single company, you can change your insurance coverage without having to change your agent.

Our independent agents are personable. We take the time to get to know you as an individual with a name and an address, not just another eight, ten or even 12-digit policy number. In the end your local agent at Heinz Insurance Agency is your very own personal insurance consultant, working for you to seek out the best coverage at a competitive rate.

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